About Us

Stew and Jen in Sydney, Australia 2000Welcome to Emotional Response Records. This record label is the love labor of Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell. We started using the term Emotional Response in 2010 shortly after our daughter Tallulah was diagnosed with autism. It was a term her Behavioral Therapist used to refer to tantrums or a state of being over-excited to the point that it interfered with the therapy session. We tracked it along with other data to indicate when her emotional state affected her performance in therapy. It includes both extreme positive and negative emotions. We liked the term. After all, don't we all have emotional responses to things going on around us all the time? We started to use it to refer to ourselves as well as our children. It made sense to apply it to music too. 

We took a break from music and from running 555 Recordings when Tallulah was diagnosed, and after several years of figuring out what help she needed and how to get it, we decided we needed music in our lives again. It didn't make sense to just hop back into 555 Recordings after the pause, so we started fresh with a new label in 2013, and so Emotional Response was born. All of the bands and releases on this label inspire an emotional response in us. We hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoy making and releasing it.