Sparrow People - I Thought Of You 7"

Sparrow People - I Thought Of You 7"

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We live in an age of mindless celebrity, in which we are no different to our ancestors. They had less of a global sweep but were still nonetheless impressed by seeing the mayor’s butler in the street, or perhaps, a coin with the monarch’s face on it. In response many artistes have sought to evade such cult of personalitiness with works thrust before the public with no name attached, and a mere ‘here. Like it or don’t. But don’t like it because I’m the mayor’s butler. Like it because you like it. Or don’t.’ You have to admire the sheer fuckin’ gumption of these people, death of the author, all that. 

The Sparrow People are a new concept in pop music, or Klaatu all over again maybe, except that the Sparrow People are of the opinion that unlike Klaatu you would probably have heard of them, if they told you who they were, but that you might nevertheless be prone to categorising them in a certain way, if you knew. Thus, they prefer to remain unknown. 

That’s pretty arrogant, but they are not so arrogant that they insist on their coworkers for this, their first record, to remain similarly unnamed. So it is worth noting that for this debut the Sparrow People collaborate with three geniuses whose talents are unparalleled, and the band are understandably massively proud to be so associated: 

Nicole Thibault – Nicole, a musical visionary without peer and of extraordinary stature, who first came to widespread notice in the early 1990s with Clag, then attained mature eloquence with Minimum Chips and its vague offshoot Letraset. Nicole, a multi-instrumentalist, plays trombone on the b-side of the single, which is called ‘Baby Foxes’, after some infant foxes seen by a member of the Sparrow People in an unidentified place. 

\Victoria Kolankiewicz – Victoria, like Nicole a trained musician, was new to the studio when the the Sparrow People’s debut 7” was made. Her vocals are thus as spontaneousas could be. She also co-wrote the lyrics to ‘Baby Foxes’ and, after a fashion, inspired the Sparrow People to write ‘I Thought of You’, insofar as everyone has to be somewhere sometime. She also painted the cover. The Sparrow People are strongly in favour of Victoria. 

Simon Grounds – famous producer, whose esteemed hand has touched some of the best records made since whenever he started producing records (an early example is God’s single ‘My Pal’). The Sparrow People are honoured to have been able to breathe Simon’s very fine and inspirational studio air. 

At time of writing the Sparrow People are creating their debut album of original songs based primarily on train trips, overheard conversations and the odd spot of international travel. They also intend to record, before year’s end, a 7” EP presenting sympathetic reinterpretations of three classic Wings songs: ‘Bluebird’, ‘Spirits of Ancient Egypt’ and ‘Some People Never Know’, also to be released on the Emotional Response label.