Rarities and a Rare Sale!

HEY MATEY-PEEPS! Getting excited for Xmas? We sure are! As regulars will note, the last 3 years we put out an Xmas comp, but sadly this year we didn’t manage it in time! However, if you missed the last two years, you can now pick them up at a snip. Last year's is especially tasty, with exclusive cuts from Even As We Speak, Boyracer, Downdime, No Monster Club,  a couple of Ocean Party related tunes, My Teenage Stride, Mononne Alone, Andy Human, Crayola Summer… etc… PHEW… ALL CDS HALF PRICE UNTIL 25TH DEC!!! Load up whilst you can! Search CD sale items HERE-

WE ALSO have NEW T-SHIRTS! Super limited, just 35 made, so hop in quick and be the coolest kid at this years Xmas party. In classic black and white HERE – 

We also found a few of our classic blue logo T-shirts too (select sizes) HERE – You can check out all the wearables we have in our new lovely Apparel section!

Aaaand we've been unboxing and organizing stock and came across a number of oldies that we thought were completely sold out but were either in a box of returns we never cataloged or were in a mismarked box. So we set up a new section on the website called Limited Stock. A few rare pic discs, colored LPs, and odds and ends, most of which have between 1-6 copies. So get in there if you want any of these goodies!

And speaking of limited stock, The Ocean Party's Oddfellows' Hall LP is down to single digits. We have the last copies going in the world.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout the year. It’s getting harder to distro our items, but we honestly believe we are releasing the most interesting and fantastic music globally right now. (Which hopefully doesn’t sound too conceited!). So we really appreciate direct sales, it helps us keep going. And BOY have we got some belters lined up for 2019! 

Thanks again.
Have a cool yule,
Jen and Stew